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27 February 2017
Apple's Friends in action

Lucy Stevens is the SENCO of Berry Hill Primary School in Gloucestershire. She has been running Apple’s Friends with a Year 3 class since November 2016. Read our interview with her.

27 February 2017
How can coping skills help children deal with bullying?

Bullying is not only horrible to experience, but research shows it can have long-term detrimental effects on mental health.

14 September 2016
Engaging Parents with Zippy’s Friends

Involving families in Zippy’s Friends and Apple’s Friends is a great way to help children to use their new skills outside the classroom.

14 September 2016
The Importance of Expressing Feelings

The first modules of Zippy’s Friends and Apple’s Friends focus on feelings. For young children, learning about feelings is a key skill that will help them to manage their emotions and ask for help when needed.

31 August 2016
Getting started with Zippy’s Friends

There are lots of things you can do to set the tone before your first Zippy class. Many schools add an extra session (session 0) to introduce the characters, the rules and show that Zippy classes will be different from other lessons.

1 June 2016
Parents see the benefit of Zippy’s Friends

Parents have told us they really notice a difference in their children when they take part in Zippy’s Friends and Apple’s Friends. These stories from our international partners show what a positive impact our programmes can have for families:

4 November 2014
Norway's forgotten children
Growing up in one of the world’s richest countries is easy, right? Wrong! Randi Talseth, head of Voksne for Barn (Adults for Children), is concerned for Norway’s forgotten children.
2 September 2014
Day 1 in Class 1
In many countries, a new academic year is beginning and millions of children are going to school for the first time.  Jane Tingle reflects on the challenges that they – and their parents and teachers – will face.
9 June 2014
A million reasons to celebrate

Partnership for Children celebrate the enrolment of our one millionth child into Zippy’s Friends. 

22 April 2014
MindEd - a new e-learning resource
MindEd is a new e-learning resource about mental health.  Dr Raphael Kelvin, who leads the MindEd consortium, explains how it can help adults who work with children and young people.
7 April 2014
Impact on teachers

Zippy’s Friends helps young children to develop coping and social skills.  But what about its impact on teachers?

18 March 2014
Promoting mental health saves money
Six charities have highlighted the importance of treating mental illness as early as possible.  They’re right.  But promoting mental health is even more cost effective.