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Making the most of the Inclusion Supplement

While the main Zippy’s Friends folder has everything you need to teach the programme, don’t forget there are lots of great ideas for extending and enhancing activities in the Inclusion Supplement. These activities have been specially designed to ensure children in your class with special educational needs (SEN) can get the most out of the programme but can be beneficial for the whole class.

Quick catch ups

If you have your Zippy class at the start of the week it can be a good idea to run one of the activities from the Inclusion Supplement as a reminder later in the week.

Early finisher activities

When you are doing drawing or roleplay activities, have a look at the Inclusion Supplement to see if there are any activities that could be given to early-finishers to keep them engaged while the rest of the class finish their work.

Differentiated learning

If you have a very mixed ability group, you can use ideas in the Inclusion Supplement as activities for different groups.

TA time

If a pupil has additional support or 1-2-1 time with a Teaching Assistant make sure they are aware of Zippy’s Friends and the Golden Rules. It’s a great time to re-inforce the messages of the programme and try out some of the 1-2-1 activities.

Small group follow up

At William Davies School in Newham they run Zippy’s Friends in Year 1 and then repeat the programme again in Year 2 with a small group of pupils who could use extra support. This is a great way to reinforce the lessons of the programme and using the small group activities in the Inclusion Supplement means children won’t get bored by the repetition.

As part of the main programme

It’s always worth taking a few minutes to look over the Inclusion Supplement before each session. There are lots of extensions to the existing activities that can make your lesson more visual or dynamic and ensure all learners in your class can make the most of Zippy’s Friends.

Partnership for Children
27 February 2017