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Our vision for our programmes is that they are effective with all young children, regardless of race, culture or social background. The programmes are successfully running in cultures as diverse as Brazil and Belgium, Iceland and India.

Become an International Partner

The Skills for Life programmes run in a wide variety of countries and cultures across the globe.

We do not provide our programmes to individual schools overseas. We sign a licence agreement with a partner agency, which then manages the programme in that region or country. Our partner organisations range widely in size and character, from government departments and large NGOs to small voluntary agencies and academic institutions. Some are regional and some are national.

See whether your country is one of our Licensed Partners and contact us to find out more.

Selecting suitable partner organisations

Your organisation could run our programmes by applying to become a Partnership for Children International Licensed Partner.

Key criteria that we use in selecting suitable partner agencies:

  • Commitment to our mission: To help children and young people to develop skills which will enhance their present and future emotional wellbeing
  • Non-commercial: a non-profit agency or national/local government department
  • Well-established and financially secure
  • Connections to their local education system for children
  • Potential to roll the programmes out on a large scale

Becoming an international partner

Introducing our programmes into a new country involves several steps. Here is a general outline.

Apply to become an international partner

Interested in becoming a Licensed Partner? We’d love to hear from you – contact us with more information about your organisation.