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Apple's Friends in action

Lucy Stevens is the SENCO of Berry Hill Primary School in Gloucestershire. She has been running Apple’s Friends with a Year 3 class since November 2016.

Why did you start running Apple’s Friends?

We have a high proportion of children in school with significant emotional issues and we are very committed to improving and promoting children’s wellbeing. We felt that Apple’s Friends would allow us to do this.

What do the children think of Apple's Friends?

I asked the children for their answer to this question and this is what they said:

‘It’s taught me ‘how’ to be kind to other people.’

‘It’s good because it’s about feelings and we’re able to discuss difficult situations and feel better about them.’

‘It’s about caring.’

‘It’s given me the skills to care more about each other.’

‘It’s about sharing and being polite.’

‘Good – it’s a chance to talk freely.’

‘I like to listen to people and their ideas.’

‘It helps us to get to know each other better and find solutions to problems.’

‘I like the characters – they’re just like me!’ 

What’s worked well- are there any activities that have been particularly popular?

When I asked, the children said they really enjoyed:

  • Role plays
  • Drama
  • The Feelings Tree
  • Speaking and listening activities
  • Reading, writing, acting and colouring

Have there been any challenges? How have you dealt with them?

To be honest I have been surprised how well it is has gone and there haven’t been any challenges. The children have been very open and happy to discuss situations which are difficult.

What impact do you think the programme has had?

Children have been more open in discussing their feelings. It has allowed them to explore difficult situations.  I feel the children are much more aware of understanding and tuning into other people’s feelings and recognising it’s more than just what people say to one another, it’s also about body language and a person’s demeanour. 

Has your school run Zippy’s Friends?

No we hadn’t before but we are planning to now.

Would you recommend Apple’s Friends to others?

Yes, most definitely! 

Partnership for Children
27 February 2017