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Getting started with Zippy’s Friends

There are lots of things you can do to set the tone before your first Zippy class. Many schools add an extra session (session 0) to introduce the characters, the rules and show that Zippy classes will be different from other lessons.

Activities could include:

  • Make a Zippy name badge. Use the Zippy’s Friends logo or sticker template on the DVD and create cards the children can wear during the sessions. Children add their names and decorate the badges.
  • Make a Zippy from pipe cleaners. Using 4 pipe-cleaners and some googly eyes, children can make their own Zippy’s. They can put a name tag on one of the legs to identify theirs. In future, if children want to talk to you on their own or discuss a problem, they can put their own model Zippy on your desk and know that you will then make time to see them.
  • Introduce and discuss the rules. Ask the children to draw pictures of the different rules. These can be used in future lessons when the rules are repeated.
  • Introduce the characters. Use the colouring sheets from the DVD or get the children to make puppets using the character posters and straws or lollipop sticks. The pictures could be used to decorate the Zippy’s Friends noticeboard in the classroom. The puppets can be used to engage children in the stories more.
  • Learn a Zippy’s Friends song. An example is included on the DVD but you could also make up your own using any popular tune. Actions are also really popular.
  • Real-life pet stick insects! Some schools have pet stick insects in their classroom over the year (but be warned they breed quickly!) Session 0 could be a great way of introducing the pets and setting up the classes.

Do you have any other ideas to introduce Zippy’s Friends? Please contact us to let us know.

Partnership for Children
31 August 2016