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5 February 2018
Zippy dash!

We were kindly invited to take part in a charity trolley dash at the opening of the new Entertainer toy store in Kingston upon Thames on Saturday 27th January 2018.

31 January 2018
New partnership with Children North East

Children North East is the oldest regional charity in the North East. For the last 127 years we have been transforming the lives of disadvantaged children so that they have a better chance in life.

31 January 2018
The importance of developing children’s thinking skills

The development of thinking skills is an essential life skill for all our children. Consider the journey a child takes as they move from a curious baby to an inquisitive pre-schooler, moving to an experimenting reception child, into a questioning KS1 child, then using their skills as a theorist and researcher in to KS2, ready to move into the next stage of their life. 

15 January 2018
University of Surrey Research Project: Transition from Primary to Secondary School

Partnership for Children is supporting an important research project that is looking to recruit girls aged 10 and their parents with a focus on emotional competence during the transition from primary to secondary school.

18 October 2017
Congratulations to Tewkesbury Primary School who won a £250 Entertainer voucher!

In our last newsletter in Summer 2017 we asked for your feedback on running Zippy’s Friends and Apple’s Friends. We received feedback from over 70 schools. Such feedback is invaluable and helps us to develop and improve the programme, so many thanks to all those who took the time to complete the survey. All schools were entered into a prize draw.

18 October 2017
The Importance of Communication

In our fast-paced lives technology certainly offers many benefits. In terms of communication we can have chats with many people at the same time on social media platforms. We can be always up to speed and in the know. Is this 21st Century Communication part of evolution? Is there a side effect? Should we be concerned?

9 October 2017
Zippy in New Jersey, USA

The Todd Ouida Children's Foundation is proud to have introduced Zippy's Friends to the United States, with the enthusiastic support of Dr. Gerard Costa, now director of the Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health at Montclair State University.

9 October 2017
A Croydon school discusses death

We recently visited a very successful Zippy’s Friends session in a school in Croydon, south London – all the more impressive because it was Module 5, session 2, where the class discusses death. Many teachers are apprehensive about this, particularly because children may voice all sorts of ideas about what happens after death.

9 October 2017
Zippy's Friends really works!

The original impetus for Zippy’s Friends came from the suicide prevention movement, with the aim of enabling children to find positive coping skills so that they wouldn’t feel the need to resort to desperate measures such as self-harm or suicide.


6 June 2017
Your summer holiday project… knit a Zippy!

Here’s something to fill those spare hours(!) over the summer… Download our new Zippy knitting pattern and make your very own Zippy!

5 June 2017
Talking to children about terrorism

The attack at the concert in Manchester and the attack in London has, understandably, caused a lot of fear and anxiety amongst children and parents. 

31 May 2017
Using Zippy’s Friends and Apple’s Friends to help with transition

School transitions can be an unsettling time for both teachers and pupils and may bring up difficult feelings. To help your new class or current class with the transition to a new year group and teacher, try these Zippy’s Friends and Apple’s Friends ideas at the end or beginning of term:

23 May 2017
Apple’s Friends – following Zippy across the world

Ever since Zippy’s Friends was first trialled over 17 years ago, teachers have asked, ‘What’s next?’ After many years and stages of development, Apple’s Friends has been launched as the follow-up programme to Zippy. However, children don’t have to have done Zippy to do Apple – it can be run as a programme by itself.

23 May 2017
A Successful Funding Partnership

Zippy’s Friends is now extremely successful and well known in Lithuania, with some 35% of all six to seven year-olds taking part in the programme. But ten years ago, this wasn’t the case at all, and times were tough for our NGO, Vaiko Labui.

23 May 2017
Success Stories

When our partners send us their annual reports, we need to have accurate statistics on school, teacher and children numbers. But the bit we enjoy reading most are the stories which tell us, more than numbers, what Zippy and Apple can do for children. Here are a few of the most recent success stories from around the world.

27 February 2017
Making the most of the Inclusion Supplement

While the main Zippy’s Friends folder has everything you need to teach the programme, don’t forget there are lots of great ideas for extending and enhancing activities in the Inclusion Supplement. These activities have been specially designed to ensure children in your class with special educational needs (SEN) can get the most out of the programme but can be beneficial for the whole class.