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2 April 2019
First Nation Zippy

Zippy has travelled far and wide over the past 20 years, since his first trip to Copenhagen to meet the pilot groups of Danish children.

2 April 2019
New NGO Zippy, Slovakia

Zippy’s Friends has been running in Slovakia since 2013, with the programme currently in its sixth school year.

2 April 2019
Visits to Portugal

In January, regional coordinator Silmara Meireles, from PfC’s Brazilian partner ASEC, attended the third International Conference on Childhood and Adolescence in the city of Porto in Portugal.

2 April 2019
UK Trainers’ Conference

Eight trainers from around the UK gathered in Birmingham to share best practice and hear about programme developments.

19 February 2019
Flash the hamster celebrates Children’s Mental Health Week!

Monday 4th February 2019 was the start of Children’s Mental Health Week and we were delighted to visit an Apple’s Friends class at Merton Park School in south London.

23 January 2019
Children's Mental Health Week 2019

Partnership for Children is pleased to be supporting Place2Be’s Children’s Mental HealthWeek 2019 (4-10 February). 

27 November 2018
Chinese teachers celebrate three years of Apple’s Friends

Around 100 Apple’s Friends teachers from all over China gathered at Hongxinghai Primary and Middle School in Dalian to celebrate three hugely successful years.

27 November 2018
Zippy's Friends for SEN in Kuwait

In November 2018, our Programme Director Caroline and Project Manager Hannah visited Kuwait to deliver training on Zippy’s Friends for Special Needs to our partner, COPING.

27 November 2018
Prime Minister’s praise for Lithuanian partner

The incredible contribution our partner Vaiko Labui makes to the lives of Lithuanian children was recently recognised by the Prime Minister of Lithuania!

27 November 2018
SPARK Resilience in Japan

SPARK Resilience, has already been running in Japan for a few years, so Caroline went to meet Hiromi Imamura, director and trainer at the Japan Positive Education Association to hear about their experience of the programme. 

27 November 2018
Zippy’s Friends piloting in Korea

Zippy’s Friends has been introduced into Korea by the Mental Health Welfare Centre in Gwangju, in the south of the country. Caroline Egar visits a lively school in Korea.

16 October 2018
Zippy launches in Palestine

In August 2018 our Programme Director Caroline went out to Palestine to visit the NGO Engage, our newest partner.

5 June 2018
Why the choice of language you use to communicate with a child with autism is so important

Steph Reed from shares her top tips for communicating clearly with a child with autism and why it’s crucial to do so.

5 June 2018
Adverse Childhood Experiences – what do we know? What can we do?

As an educational psychologist I have always been aware of how an individual’s early life and in particular their attachment experiences impact on their cognitive, social and emotional development.

23 April 2018
Zippy's Friends in Panama

The Zippy’s Friends programme in Panama has transcended school classrooms and has become a way to involve teachers, parents, families, whole schools and the community, with everyone cooperating to promote children’s emotional well-being.

23 April 2018
Zippy's Friends in Mauritius

10 years ago… Zippy landed in the Republic of Mauritius, a small tropical island in the Indian Ocean. It quickly adapted to the climate! and started its journey in 10 primary schools, meeting 1,045 children and 34 teachers.