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Prime Minister’s praise for Lithuanian partner

Zippy’s Friends has been running in Lithuania since the first pilot projects in the late 1990s. And the incredible contribution our partner Vaiko Labui makes to the lives of Lithuanian children was recently recognised by the Prime Minister of Lithuania!

Aurelija Okunauskienė was delighted to receive a letter from the Prime Minister congratulating her on her work and the contribution she has made to the nation.

“On behalf of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, I appreciate your active efforts and your long-term contribution to the well-being of the early childhood in Lithuanian educational institutions, competence and professionalism. I wish you a long and active, creative and fruitful activity.

Do not stop with your diligence and ideas and continue to build Lithuania.

The best of luck and may fortune stay with you!

Saulius Skvernelis
Vilnius, 23rd October 2018”

These letters of acknowledgement are given out annually but are rare and show that the work that Aurelija has been leading at Vaiko Labui has really been noticed by the government.

Aurelija has accepted the award on behalf of everyone who has worked on Zippy and Apple in Lithuania, including board members and experts, the trainers, trainer assistants and teachers, everyone who has worked in the office and also Partnership for Children.

The news came while staff from Partnership for Children were visiting Lithuania to see Vaiko Labui’s programme in action. Wendy, Lizzie, Hannah and Helen were in the country to visit classes and learn more about how the programme works in the Lithuania. As well as meeting with the staff and the board and they also saw Zippy and Apple classes.

Helen, Hannah and Aurelija visited a class in a special school when children were doing the adapted version of the programme, Zippy for Pupils with Special Needs. This was the first time Aurelija had seen Zippy for SEN in action and she said it was proof that all the work that Vaiko Labui and Partnership for Children had put in was worthwhile. “I don’t know whether the the Prime Minister’s acknowledgement or the session for SEN children made me more happy!”

Partnership for Children
27 November 2018