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UK Trainers’ Conference

Eight trainers from around the UK gathered in Birmingham to share best practice and hear about programme developments. Hilde Randgaard from Voksne for Barn, Norway, told us about the pilot of Passport in Norway, where twelve classes of 9-10 year-olds are trying the new programme. So far, the feedback is very positive – children love the comic book stories in particular – and the programme will start in UK schools from this autumn.

There was a lively presentation on sales and marketing, to help trainers with their programme promotion, and we heard about the latest plans in England and Wales to make Health Education (including mental health) compulsory in schools. PfC's Project Manager, Hannah, gave a presentation on Zippy’s Friends for Pupils with Special Needs, and there was a chance to look at the plans for revising Zippy and Apple, including the new illustrations.

Afterwards, trainers said they’d really valued the day, especially ‘conversations with colleagues who also deliver training and thinking about how Zippy and Apple fit with the current government agendas’. Another said, ‘It was useful to meet other trainers, especially those working nearer me in location. It was great to get the Passport update and to have a chance to think about the impact of mental health legislation.’

We're very grateful to Wesleyan, our corporate sponsors for hosting this event.

Partnership for Children
2 April 2019