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New partnership with Children North East

Children North East is the oldest regional charity in the North East. For the last 127 years we have been transforming the lives of disadvantaged children so that they have a better chance in life. Here at the Children North East Schools Team we work with schools on a number of programmes including Poverty Proofing the School Day and Wilderness Schooling to guarantee that the school day is a positive experience for all children.

A key component of our programmes is listening to and responding to the voice of children and young people to influence a positive and life-changing experience of school. Through our work in schools, we have seen an increasing need for programmes to support the social and emotional wellbeing of children.

Zippy's and Apple's Friends offers a fantastic opportunity for schools to develop the coping and resilience skills of their students. We're passionate about ensuring that all children have equal opportunities in school and really like that Zippy's and Apple's Friends is a whole-class programme which offers all pupils the chance to discuss their feelings.  

We're very excited to be working with Partnership for Children delivering training for Zippy's Friends and Apple's Friends, and can't wait to work with schools and their teaching staff on this incredible programme.

Georgina Burt, Children North East
31 January 2018