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Zippy a great success on Mauritian national TV

During the pandemic, when schools were closed, children in Mauritius were able to access their lessons on a special channel on national TV. PfC’s partner organisation, Action for Integral Human Development (AIHD), created short videos based on the Zippy’s Friends sessions for children and parents to watch at home, so children didn’t miss out. With an added benefit - family members learnt about Zippy too, with special tips for parents. 

AIHD conducted a survey with parents to find out what they’d gained from the programmes. Out of over 600 parents, 81% said that it had improved their relationship with their children. 94% said they now asked their children about their feelings, and 93% said that it allowed them to listen more carefully to their children. More than 50% found the positive parenting tips useful.

Parents said:

Thank you Zippy’s Friends for these activities and tips. I’ve got lots of ideas about talking to children.

One thing we’ve learnt with Zippy – include children in family decisions.

89% of parents who’d watched the videos wanted to see them continue on Mauritian TV, showing what a success the programmes had been.

Partnership for Children
24 May 2021