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Thank you to Wesleyan

This month marks the end of two years as Wesleyan’s charity partner. Since April 2017, they have raised an incredible £100,000 to support our work promoting the mental health and emotional well-being of children in schools across the UK. This funding has allowed us to improve our programmes, expand our reach and raise our profile.

As a small charity, the relationship with Wesleyan has been incredibly beneficial. With an annual turnover of under £500,000, having committed funding for two years has allowed us to focus on embedding and enhancing our main programmes in the UK as opposed to chasing new and different funding sources. As well as financial and practical support, the relationship with Wesleyan has allowed us to develop our skills around corporate fundraising, giving us experience and a proven track record to take into future fundraising and partnerships.

Our experience working with a corporate funder and the expansion of our programmes into Scotland, funded by Wesleyan, have both contributed to securing a new and exciting corporate partnership with the Kavli Trust. Over the next four years we will be working with the Kavli Trust and their Castle MacLellan Foodsfactory in Dumfries and Galloway to introduce our programmes to primary schools in the area. We will also be working with Children North East to make the programme available to more schools in Newcastle thanks to the Kavli Trust funding.

So thank you again to everyone at Wesleyan for all of your support and especially to Jessica Wilkes-Reading, Corporate Responsibility Officer whose enthusiasm and dedication has made the partnership so successful!

Partnership for Children
28 May 2019