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Launching our brand new programme – SPARK Resilience

We’re very excited to be launching the latest addition to our suite of Skills for Life programmes - SPARK Resilience!
Aimed at children aged 10 – 12, SPARK Resilience teaches resilience skills through a combination of three techniques: through mindfulness exercises, activities informed by positive psychology, and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) exercises. An earlier edition of SPARK found that the programme increased children’s resilience and reduced depression.*
During the 10 sessions, children boost their resilience by identifying and building on their own character strengths and sources of support. They learn to challenge unhelpful thinking patterns, represented by ‘Parrots of Perception’ such as the Blamer, the Worrier and the Optimist, and reframe their thinking to produce better outcomes for themselves and others.
Our international licensed partners are keen to implement SPARK Resilience too, and there are plans to trial it in Brazil, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia, in a variety of settings.
SPARK Resilience will be available for UK primary and secondary schools and other settings supporting children and young people from September 2021.
*Read more about the SPARK Resilience evaluation




Partnership for Children
2 July 2021