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Creating ripple effects in children’s lives in Dumfries and Galloway schools

One year on from Dumfries and Galloway Schools starting the Skills for Life programmes thanks to Kavli Trust funding, we hear from teachers and children about their experiences of the programmes.

The aim of the funding is always to create ripple effects in people’s lives, both for individuals, local communities and society at large,” says General Manager of Kavli Trust, Inger Elise Iversen.

So, what ripple effects have there been….

Since running the Skills for Life programmes, children have become more confident talking about and dealing with ‘difficult situations’ and learning different strategies to deal with them. Children are more open to asking for, offering and accepting help when needed.” - Pauline Bell, Principal Teacher, Colvend Primary School

Pupils from Colvend Primary School said ….

Passport helps me cope with stress” and “We’ve been learning how to help each other”.

Many schools reflected on how helpful the programmes have been to support pupils and their families during the pandemic:

The programme has been helping to build resilience - something that is needed more than ever in these challenging times. Many adults are struggling with the restrictions and difficulties of lockdown and Covid and when a child is struggling, this adds further to the concerns on the mind of the parent. By building resilience in our children we are not only supporting the young people to navigate a path through any challenging circumstances but are supporting parents health and wellbeing, by reducing the potential of another layer of worry.” - Nicky Brown, Depute Head Teacher, Moffatt Academy

I think the coping strategies the children explored and discussed in Passport lessons will be useful for them in terms of dealing with the current upheaval and further changes in their lives caused by Covid. Children are getting better able to deal with difficult situations with their peers by using some coping strategies we have explored and discussed in class. They are aware of which specific strategies work for them and are developing a better awareness of how using these can improve their mental wellbeing by giving them the time or space they need to calm down or think about the situation.” - Nicola Henderson, Teacher, Amisfield Primary School

Photo: Zippy’s Friends class sat outside around a fire sharing their feelings from the week and talking about how being outside helps them feel calm and is a helpful coping strategy.

Partnership for Children
27 September 2021