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Compulsory health education in schools

From September 2020 Relationship and Health Education will be compulsory in Primary Schools in England. At Partnership for Children we’ve always believed in the importance of teaching all children about mental health and wellbeing and we’re delighted this is included in the guidance.

Our programmes already cover all elements of the mental health guidance and support many of the other recommendations.

Skills for Life programmes-1

For schools keen to meet the recommendations with effective, evidence-based programmes we believe Zippy’s Friends, Apple’s Friends and Passport fit the bill perfectly. These 18-24 week programmes also give schools flexibility to deliver the rest of the Relationship and Health education requiremement in the best way for them.

Are you an early adopter?

The government is currently looking for early adopters of the new guidance. We know lots of schools that run Zippy and Apple will already be covering many other elements of the new statutory guidance. Early adopter schools will share their expertise with the Department for Education and help influence what training and products are available to all schools to support the roll out in 2020.

Partnership for Children
29 April 2019