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Building resilience skills for children in Merton

In 2022-23 we were delighted to be able to offer schools and organisations in Merton training and resources for our SPARK Resilience programme thanks to funding from The Oli Leigh Trust.

SPARK Resilience uses mindfulness, positive psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to give children skills to boost their strengths, control strong emotions and reframe habitual ways of thinking. Evaluations found that SPARK Resilience was effective in boosting resilience and preventing depression.

The impact of this work will be that children in Merton will have increased resilience and coping skills, helping them to make a successful transition from primary to secondary education. They will be able to better cope with change, navigate new friendship groups, and reach out for help if they need advice or support. Our programmes have been developed to ensure that they benefit particularly vulnerable children in classrooms – such as looked after children and young carers.

All these skills will also benefit children as they transition into the worlds of further education and employment.

Many thanks to The Oli Leigh Trust for their support.

Partnership for Children
14 May 2024