Where we work in the Indian Ocean


  • Launched 2009
  • Schools and kindergartens this year - 88
  • Children this year - 4,278
  • Total children since launch - 35,700

Zippy’s Friends was introduced in Mauritius by the Catholic Education Bureau, and was the first SEL programme to be implemented in Mauritian schools. Having gradually expanded through the Catholic schools, Zippy is now being taken on in government-run schools as well, and the goal is to have the programme implemented in all primary schools. It has also expanded to nearby Rodrigues Island.

Our partner in Mauritius - Service Diocésain de l'Education Catholique
Coordinator: Emilie Duval
Email: eduval@icjm.mu
Phone: +230 464 4109



  • Launched 2013
  • Schools and kindergartens this year - 12
  • Children this year - 456
  • Total children since launch - 1,948

A small pilot of les amis de Zippy started in 2013 on the island of Réunion, an overseas department of France, situated in the Indian Ocean. Our partner there is a training agency, la Direction Diocésaine de l’Enseignement Catholique, and the programme was introduced by our partner in nearby Mauritius, Institut Cardinal Jean Margéot. This is the first time such a programme had been run on the island, but after a successful first year, the agency is now enrolling more schools and teachers.

Our partner in Réunion - la Direction Diocésaine de l’Enseignement Catholique
Contact: Nicole Clain
Email: nclain@ddec974.re