Where we work in Asia and the Middle East


Zippy's Friends:

  • Launched 2004
  • Children this year 39,815
  • Total children since launch 488,856

Zippy’s Friends is being run in Hong Kong and in five major cities in Mainland China: Beijing, Xi’an, Chongqing, Ningbo and Shijiazhuang. In a culture where education has traditionally focused heavily on academic performance, the chance to promote children's emotional wellbeing is being welcomed by teachers and parents. Zippy's Friends in Mainland China is sponsored by HSBC.

Our Zippy’s Friends partner in Mainland China – China National Institute of Education Sciences

Our Zippy's Friends partner in Hong Kong - The Education University of Hong Kong

Apple's Friends:

  • Launched: 2015
  • Children this year: 10,935
  • Total children since launch: 71,229 

Apple’s Friends has been a great success in China since its launch in nine cities in 2015.  Children are able to leave their traditional classrooms and get into the gym or music room to relax and move around in Apple’s Friends classes. The programme is sponsored by HSBC.

Our Apple’s Friends partner in mainland China: National institute of Education Sciences



Programme: Zippy's Friends

  • Launched 2004
  • Children this year 0
  • Total children since launch 26,062

The first time that Zippy’s Friends was introduced to schools and kindergartens outside Europe was in the Indian state of Goa.

The partner agency there is Sangath Society for Child Development and Family Guidance, a well-established NGO that provides a variety of services across the state, focusing on children, adolescents and families, to promote their physical, psychological and social health.

The Society also tries to strengthen families and empower them to provide for the physical and developmental needs of their children. Zippy’s Friends is being run in schools, both English- and Konkani-speaking, and in less formal community settings.

Our partner in India - Sangath



Programmes: Zippy's Friends, Apple's Friends, Passport

  • Launched 2014
  • Children this year 0
  • Total children since launch 4,172 

Jordan was the first Arabic-speaking country to launch Zippy’s Friends, known there as Labeeb’s Friends, and is now running Apple's Friends as well. Our Jordanian partner is Umnyat, which has been set up to run Labeeb's Friends in Jordan. Amani Attili, who runs Umnyat, is also Partnership for Children's Regional Coordinator, and aims to expand the programme across the Arabic speaking world. Apple’s Friends and Passport have now been translated into Arabic and introduced into Jordanian schools.

Our partner in Jordan - Umnyat


Programmes: Zippy's Friends, Apple's Friends

  • Launched 2016
  • Children this year 0
  • Total children since launch 386

Zippy’s Friends has been introduced in South Korea by the Nam-Gu Mental Health Welfare Centre in Gwangju, the country’s sixth-largest city with a population of 1.5 million. The Department is keen to promote mental health in schools, and chose Zippy’s Friends to complement its offering of programmes and cater for the youngest children in school. Apple's Friends is now being introduced as a follow-up to Zippy's Friends.

Our partner in Korea: – Nam-Gu Mental Health Welfare Centre



Programmes: Zippy's Friends, Zippy's Friends for Pupils with SEN

  • Launched 2015
  • Children this year 0
  • Total children since launch 1,093

Kuwait is the second Middle Eastern country, after Jordan, where Zippy’s Friends (known in the region as Labeeb’s Friends) is being implemented. It is being run by NGO Coping, and started in just two kindergartens with 28 children. This is a new type of programme for young children in Kuwait, and both teachers and parents are keen to learn more about mental health promotion for their children, and how they can support them better.

Our partner in Kuwait: COPING 


Programme: Zippy's Friends

  • Launched 2018
  • Children this year 0
  • Total children since launch 24,000 

Children in the Occupied Palestinian Territories face more challenges than most in their daily lives, and the Palestinian Ministry of Education, in cooperation with the Ministry for Social Development and the Ministry of Health, have invested in a large-scale roll-out of Labeeb’s Friends to promote children’s coping skills. Working through Engage, a young NGO which promotes health and education for children and young people, they aim to reach schools throughout the West Bank. With a large team of dedicated trainers, Engage has implemented the biggest ever launch of the programme, benefiting 12,000 children in the first year.

Our partner in Palestine - Engage


Programmes: Zippy's Friends

  • Launched 2008
  • Children this year 4,649
  • Total children since launch 43,860

Zippy's Friends was introduced in Singapore by the Health Promotion Board, as part of its five-year national plan for mental health. The Board runs a range of programmes, promoting the health and wellbeing of all Singaporeans.

The programme is being taught in English, Singapore's official language, but for many children this is not the language spoken at home. The Parents' Guide is being provided in Chinese, Malay, and Tamil as well as English.

Our partner in Singapore - Health Promotion Board