Free Resources for school staff, parents and carers

Children can be supported to develop the coping and social skills they will need to thrive. Our resources for school staff, parents and carers help everyone to support these skills.
Resilience-building Activities
Download activities to do with your child. Includes ideas for talking about emotions, how to make friends, dealing with anger and coping with grief and loss.
Moving schools and transition
Moving from primary to secondary school can be a big change for children. We’ve created activities and resources to help children prepare and cope. 
Parents' Guides

Find out more about what children learn in our programmes. Our Parents' Guides are available in over 20 languages.
If you would like your child’s school to take on our programmes, please share our website with them or contact us directly.

Covid-19 wellbeing activities

Download activities to help children find healthy ways to deal with their feelings and reactions to all that has happened during the pandemic and move forwards into the future.

Early Years activities

Download play-based activities designed for early years staff or parents and carers to promote young children's social and emotional development.

Anti-Bullying Week 2020

Download our free antibullying week activity created for primary-aged children.

Good books for tough times

Download our guide to books that can be an excellent starting point for tackling sensitive issues with children with a foreword by Jacqueline Wilson

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‘The programme has transformed our family life. All my children now listen properly to and support each other.’