Zippy at Home

Zippy at Home

Zippy’s Friends helps children to cope with everyday problems and develop positive mental health. The impact is even greater if parents can reinforce what they are learning at home. That’s why we have developed Zippy at Home, a series of four sessions for parents whose children are doing Zippy Friends, to learn all about the programme and how to put it into practice outside of school.

Supporting parents to support their children

Zippy at Home shares the key elements of Zippy’s Friends with parents, so they can help their children with choosing good solutions, making and keeping friends and dealing with conflict, change and loss. It can also help the parents themselves with coping skills and improving their relationships with their children.

The Zippy at Home programme was developed in Newcastle, UK and Brazil. It’s now available as a manual for trained teachers to deliver. The Facilitators’ Manual includes full details of all four sessions, a slideshow presentation for each and also tips and advice around engaging parents and facilitating the group.

Trained teachers in the UK can order their copy here.

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