School staff – mental health and emotional wellbeing

Our programmes are delivered in schools, by school staff, to promote the positive mental health and emotional wellbeing of pupils.

In order to be able to support children with their mental health, it is important that school staff also receive mental health and emotional wellbeing support.

Although the teaching profession comes with high levels of reward, school staff have to cope with high levels of pressure and stress. A recent report shows that 84% of education professionals had suffered from some form of mental health problems in the last two years (Education Support Partnership, 2017).

Good staff wellbeing increases productivity, job satisfaction and retention. It also ensures that staff can be positive role models for pupils, showing them how to cope with difficulties and look after their own wellbeing.

NEW mental health resource for school staff

Partnership for Children have produced a new resource to support the mental health and wellbeing of school staff. Many of the teachers we work with already find our programme for pupils to be beneficial for their own wellbeing. This new resource uses the same concepts and theory as our existing programmes and focuses on coping skills.

  • Download the school staff mental health and wellbeing resources:
  • PACK 1
  • PACK 2

Education Support Partnership has a free and confidential helpline for anyone working in education: 08000 562 561.

My personal THANKS for the program Apple Friend’s. Although I am already a 55 year old teacher, this program has taught me myself to search/look and find more different ways out of difficult situations. I have changed myself and my life has become better.