Supporting children’s wellbeing during Covid-19

Resources for teachers, parents and carers

As parents and carers, there are ways you can support children to give them the best chance to stay mentally healthy.
During the pandemic, some children may have enjoyed being off school, while others may have struggled with being isolated from their family and friends. Others may be coming to terms with family issues, loss or changes to their living situation.
It's still unclear what future changes we may all face. Even though the lockdown has eased, we are still facing changes to our normal lives.
The activities below based on the Skills for Life programmes are designed to help children find healthy ways to deal with their feelings and reactions to all that has happened and move forwards into the future.

Our Activities:

  • Take around 10 minutes to complete and can be downloaded or done with pen and paper
  • Designed for children aged five to nine but can be adapted for younger or older children and children with Special Educational Needs.
  • Include instructions for adults to complete the activities with children

Download your FREE Covid-19 children's wellbeing activities for teaching staff and families here:


Our feelings diary icon   Feelings Chart icon


Communication and relationships

Renewing relationships   Staying Connected icon  


Coping with change, loss and bereavement

This is me    Circles of help     Going back to school   

Dealing with change icon     Creating a Routine icon  Coping with the death of a loved one  Symathy card

  • Read more about how to talk to children about death.

Our short video on ‘Talking to children about death’ is based on expert advice and gives tips on how to respond to children’s questions.



Ways to cope and be mindful

Ways to feel better   Mindfulness walk     Coping Toolbox icon    Ways to feel better icon    Worry Jar Icon   Distractions    Relaxation


Life after lockdown

Lockdown reflection    Letting go    Something to look forward to



Some of our partners have translated the Covid-19 activities into their language. You can download them here:



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