Marion Panis - obituary

Marion Panis, member of the Partnership for Children Board and Director of our partner organisation in the Netherlands, passed away in January 2020, aged 55.

Marion introduced Zippy’s Friends in the Netherlands in 2009, the result of three years of single-minded determination and persistence in the face of repeated refusals of funding and rejection from educational organisations. She then took on Apple’s Friends, and reached over 20,000 children with the programmes over the last ten years. She made a huge contribution to PfC, firstly in helping to develop Apple’s Friends and to organise the RCT evaluation of both programmes by the Trimbos Institute, and then by serving on our Board of Trustees.  She was a hugely energetic and enthusiastic supporter of PfC, and we shall miss her very much. She leaves behind her husband, Arno, her son and two daughters.