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Children's mental health during the Coronavirus pandemic

We are here to support you through this difficult time

By : Partnership for Children   Mar 24, 2020

Partnership for Children will be supporting school staff, parents and carers of children and young people during these difficult times.

We will be providing weekly Covid-19 Mental Health Support Resources for teachers in schools and easy to deliver downloadable and printable resources for parents and carers. They will be themes relating to the current situation e.g.:  How to deal with the changes in routine, how to effectively communicate during the isolation, change and loss. We will also be providing support resources, videos etc.

We will work to support our Skills for Life trained teachers continuing to teach the programmes in adapted circumstances (small groups/1-2-1) or if they are sending resources and lessons home for children to complete. Please get in touch if you have any specific requests.

We have also embarked on a mission to move the Skills for Life teacher training into a virtual setting via the Zoom platform for new teachers to train between now and the summer. We will keep you posted on the development of this. From the end of April, all programme resources, including all the lesson plans will be available online for existing Zippy, Apple and Passport teachers to download.

In these extremely challenging times, helping children to deal with change and uncertainty has never been more important. Our programmes deal with difficult issues such as anxiety, change and loss – issues that children around the world are now facing on a daily basis due to Covid-19. Whether you are a teacher, a partner organisation, a parent, a supporter or someone interested in promoting good mental health, we are extremely grateful for your on-going support which means that we can continue to help children, teachers and families during this difficult time.

Although our offices are currently closed, we are all working hard from home and you are welcome to get in touch: