Trusts and Foundations

Many charitable trusts and foundations, in the UK and overseas, have supported our work over the years.  Without their backing, we would not have been able to help so many children, parents and teachers.

Some foundations have given us seed money, helping us to start projects which otherwise might not have been possible.  For instance, the Dulverton Trust paid for our early work on Good Books for Tough Times, the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust got us started on adapting Zippy’s Friends for children with learning difficulties, and the Todd Ouida Foundation enabled us to launch the programme in the United States.

Some foundations have paid for specific items.  The Marden Foundation paid for the introductory video for Zippy’s Friends, and Equitable Charitable Trust paid for 700 sets of teaching materials. Others have given unrestricted donations, allowing us to use funds when and where they are most needed.

In recent years, particularly significant support has come from:

  • Baily Thomas Charitable Fund
  • Peter Chan Jee Yat Charitable Foundation
  • The Eranda Foundation
  • Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Settlement
  • The Funding Network
  • Fung Yiu King Charitable Foundation
  • The Golden Bottle Trust
  • HSBC Global Education Programme
  • Austin and Hope Pilkington Trust
  • The Rayne Foundation
  • The Providence Foundation
  • The Vivmar Foundation

Others which prefer not to be named have also given grants.

We are very grateful to all these trusts and foundations for their support.

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