Local spa promotes One Million Children fund

Catherine Long - homeSPA

Big charities appeal for donations through direct mail, sophisticated social media campaigns and adverts on TV.  But we don’t have that sort of budget and, as a smaller charity, it is difficult to get our message across.

So when Catherine Long heard about our appeal for £40,000, to celebrate the enrolment of one million children into Zippy’s Friends, she wanted to support us in a way that would bring our work to the attention of more people.

Catherine runs homeSPA, a beauty treatment business based just a few miles from our office in Kingston upon Thames, near London.  We sent her a batch of appeal leaflets to distribute to her clients and she talked about us in her company newsletter and on Twitter and Facebook.

‘Everybody has been really positive.  They just think it’s brilliant that you started from scratch and now you’ve helped a million children in so many countries around the world.  Plus, they like the fact that you’ve arranged for all the donations to this appeal to be matched £1 for £1 – people feel their support will be twice as effective.

‘The amount of money we’ve raised won’t be huge, but it’s more about raising awareness.  There are now 20 or 30 more people who know about your work, and because I can talk to each of them personally it’s much more effective than a general appeal from you.’

We have sent individual thank you cards and information to all the supporters whom Catherine has recruited.

‘You never know, some of them may want to support Partnership for Children directly in future, and they can tell their friends about you too.  Everybody has a network – friends, family, colleagues, clients – and if we all use our networks you’ll soon be able to help another million children!’

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