Zippy's Friends in Slovakia

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Zippyho kamaráti in Slovakia
Launched 2013
• Schools and kindergartens this year 47
• Children this year 1,770
• Total children since launch 2,563


Zippy’s Friends started in schools and kindergartens in Slovakia in two areas: in the capital, Bratislava, and in Trnava, an old city some 60 km away. The programme is being run by the League for Mental Health Slovakia, which campaigns for mental health promotion, the prevention of mental disorders and to improve the quality of life for those with mental illness. It works through its network of 37 member organisations throughout Slovakia. The initial pilot of Zippy’s Friends is being evaluated by the University of Trnava.

The pilot programme in Slovakia was enabled by funding from EEA grants, through the cooperation of Voksne for Barn, which runs Zippy’s Friends in Norway, and is now sponsored by the Orange Foundation.

Our partner in Slovakia - League for Mental Health Slovakia
Sasha Brazinova

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