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Launched 2016
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Escutar, a well-established agency for mental health promotion and suicide prevention based in Porto, introduced Zippy’s Friends under the name of Amigos do Ziki in 2016.  After many years of planning, and delays due to Portugal’s severe economic recession, the programme started in a number of different areas across the country.  In addition, two separate evaluation studies will test the effects Amigos do Ziki on the children.

Our partner in Portugal: Escutar 
Coordinator: Sonia Abrantes
Email: sonia.abrantes@amigosdoziki.pt
Phone: +351 9 6645 2204
Website: www.amigosdoziki.pt

Partnership for Children, 26-27 Market Place, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT1 1JH, England
Telephone : 00 44 (0) 20 8974 6004 - Registered Charity number: 1089810