Labeeb's Friends in Kuwait
Labeeb's Friends logoLaunched 2015
• Schools and kindergartens this year 2
• Children this year 28
• Total children since launch 28



Kuwait is the second Middle Eastern country, after Jordan, where Zippy’s Friends (known in the region as Labeeb’s Friends) is being implemented. It is being run by NGO Coping, and started in just two kindergartens with 28 children. This is a new type of programme for young children in Kuwait, and both teachers and parents are keen to learn more about mental health promotion for their children, and how they can support them better.

Our partner in KuwaitCOPING

Coordinator: Dr Ahlam Mohamed Falah al Ajami



Partnership for Children, 26-27 Market Place, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, KT1 1JH, England
Telephone : 00 44 (0) 20 8974 6004 - Registered Charity number: 1089810