Zippy's Friends teachers in Jordan

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Labeeb's Friends in Jordan 
Labeeb's Friends logoLaunched 2014
• Schools and kindergartens this year 3
• Children this year 570
• Total children since launch 659 


Jordan is the first Arabic-speaking country to launch Zippy’s Friends, known there as Labeeb’s Friends. Our Jordanian partner is Umnyat, which has been set up to run Labeeb's Friends in Jordan. Amani Attili, who runs Umnyat, is also Partnership for Children's Regional Coordinator, and aims to expand the programme across the Arabic speaking world.

Labeeb’s Friends is starting small, in just a few schools in the capital, Amman, but it is hoped that it will spread both within Jordan and more widely across the Arabic-speaking world, in due course.

Our partner in Jordan - Umnyat

Amani AttiliCoordinator: Amani Attili 

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