Zippy's Friends in Denmark

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Zippy's Venner in Denmark
Zippy's Friends in DenamrkLaunched 2001
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• Total children since launch 6,560+


Denmark was the first country to pilot Zippy’s Friends, with programmes in Copenhagen and the central island of Fyn back in 1998-99. Those trials led to the programme being substantially revised, before a further, very successful pilot in Denmark and Lithuania in 2000-01.

Odense Socialpaedagogiske Seminarium was a teacher training institution with a long tradition of teaching educators and of working with social education. It was involved with both the pilots of Zippys Venner in Denmark, and then took on responsibility for running the programme. In 2009, the Seminarium became part of a larger organisation, University College Lillebælt, and Pædagoguddannelsen i Odense took on the running of Zippy’s Venner until 2011.

We now have a new partner in Denmark, Glæde og Børn, who aim to revive the programme and introduce it into new areas.

Our partner in Denmark - Glæde og Børn
Coordinator: Louise Tidmand

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