Where is Zippy's Friends running?

Partners around the world
Zippy’s Friends
 is now running in a wide variety of countries and cultures across the globe.

The original vision of Zippy’s Friends was that it would be effective with all young children, regardless of race, culture or social background. Partnership for Children is delighted that, so far, this has proved to be the case, with exactly the same programme running in cultures as diverse as Brazil and Belgium, Iceland and India.

How can a small NGO such as Partnership for Children expand Zippy’s Friends to so many countries? Only by forming partnerships with like-minded agencies across the world, who commit to deliver the programme locally. They might be a one-woman NGO or a large government department, but all have one thing in common: they share our goal of helping children to cope better with life’s difficulties, and thus to improve their mental health.

You can read about our partners and their involvement with Zippy’s Friends by clicking on the country name on the right.

Are you interested in becoming a Zippy’s Friends partner? You can find out more by clicking here.

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