Criteria for selecting partner agencies

Partnership for Children is now working with partner agencies in twenty –seven countries around the world who deliver the Zippy’s Friends programme in their area.  They range widely in size and character, from government departments and large NGOs to small voluntary agencies and teacher training institutions. Some are regional and some are national. However, they all have common features, and the following are the key criteria that we use in selecting suitable partner agencies.

  • Commitment to our mission: To help children and young people to develop skills which will enhance their present and future emotional wellbeing
  • Non-commercial: a non-profit agency or national/local government department
  • Well-established and financially secure
  • Connections to their local education system for young children (kindergarten/primary)
  • Potential to roll the programme out on a large scale
  • Willing to sign and abide by a licence agreement with Partnership for Children
  • Willing to contribute to the international development of Zippy’s Friends
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