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Zippy's Friends in Hong Kong

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Zippy's Friends in Hong Kong
Zippy's Friends in Beijing and TianjinLaunched 2004
• Schools and kindergartens this year 165
• Children this year 4,445
• Total children since launch 101,449

Zippy’s Friends was launched in Hong Kong in 2004-05, thanks to a grant from The Hongkong Bank Foundation, and has helped many more children than originally planned.

An evaluation published in 2008 found that the programme helps children ‘to use more coping strategies to cope with everyday adversities. Teachers also found that the programme had changed their perceptions of children and improved classroom communication and has helped them to have a better understanding of children's emotional needs.' - Wong, M. (2008) Helping Young Children to Develop Adaptive Coping Strategies. Journal of Basic Education, 17 (1), 119-144.

The programme is run by The Education University of Hong Kong.

Our partner in Hong Kong - The Education University of Hong Kong
Coordinator: Dr. Amanda Wong
Phone: (852) 2948 7115

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