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Zippy's Friends in Beijing and Tianjin

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Zippy's Friends in Beijing, Tianjin and Xi'an
Zippy's Friends in Beijing and TianjinLaunched - Beijing 2008
Launched - Tianjin 2012
Launched - Xi'an 2015
• Schools and kindergartens this year 820
• Children this year 28,700
• Total children since launch 122,563


Zippy's Friends was launched in Beijing in October 2008 by the China National Institute for Educational Research, which is run by the Ministry of Education and has more than 150 full-time researchers looking into all aspects of education. It is China's only national-level educational research institute and guides the work of similar institutes across the country, as well as having extensive links with universities and research centres in many countries.

In 2011, CNIER was renamed the National Institute of Education Sciences (NIES).

Adding to the success of the programme in Beijing, NIES launched Zippy's Friends in the nearby city of Tianjin in September 2012, and in Xi'an in 2015.

Zippy's Friends in Beijing, Tianjin and Xi'an is being funded by The Hongkong Bank Foundation.

Our partner in Beijing and Tianjin - China National Institute for Education Research
Coordinator: Liu Zhan Lan
Phone: 13511055790

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