Teacher training in the UK

Zippy's Friends class in Surrey, UK 

Zippy’s Friends and Apple’s Friends is not available to be bought ‘off the shelf’. Teacher training is a vital part of running Zippy’s Friends and Apple’s Friends, and the programme is therefore only provided to teachers who have attended an initial training course.

Teachers in the UK can book training with any of our Partnership for Children Licensed Trainers. The training course usually lasts one full day and covers both Zippy’s Friends and Apple’s Friends.

Alternatively, schools can arrange a half-day course for a number of teachers in the same school. Once teachers have attended a training course, they can order programme resources from Partnership for Children.

Please contact Partnership for Children Licensed Trainers direct for details of upcoming course dates and prices, or email hannah.craig@partnershipforchildren.org.uk for more details on how to become a trained teacher.

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