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Zippy's Friends is a programme for schools. It usually runs for 24 weeks, with one 45-minute session each week.

The programme is built around a set of six stories. Zippy is a stick insect and his friends are a group of young children, and the stories show them confronting issues that are familiar to young children - friendship, communication, feeling lonely, bullying, dealing with change and loss, and
making a new start. Each story is illustrated by brightly coloured pictures.

Module 1: Feelings

: To improve children’s abilities to recognise difficult feelings and to identify coping strategies to deal with those feelings

Session 1: Feeling sad – feeling happy

Session 2: Feeling angry or annoyed
Session 3: Feeling jealous
Session 4: Feeling nervous

Module 2: Communication

To improve children’s abilities to communicate their feelings

Session 1: Improving communication

Session 2:Listening

Session 3:Who can help us?

Session 4:Saying what you want to say

Module 3: Making and breaking relationships

To improve children’s abilities to make friends and to cope with rejection and loneliness

Session 1: How to keep a friend

Session 2:Dealing with loneliness and rejection

Session 3:How to resolve conflicts with friends

Session 4:How to make friends

Module 4: Conflict resolution

To improve children’s abilities to resolve conflicts

Session 1: How to recognise good solutions

Session 2:Bullying

Session 3:Solving problems

Session 4:Helping others to resolve conflicts

Module 5: Dealing with change and loss

To improve children’s abilities to cope with change and loss

Session 1: Change and loss are part of life

Session 2:Coping with death

Session 3:Visit to a graveyard

Session 4:Learning from change and loss

Module 6: We cope

To improve children’s abilities to use a variety of coping strategies

Session 1: Different ways to cope

Session 2:How to help others

Session 3:Adapting to new situations

Session 4:Celebrating together


Each session begins with the teacher reading part of the story, and then the children take part in activities such as drawing, discussing and playing games. The aim of these activities is to help the children to explore and understand their feelings and behaviour.

For young children, repetition is an important part of learning. Each session begins with a review of what the children learned the previous week, and key messages are reinforced throughout the programme. At the end of each session, each child fills in a single feedback sheet to reflect their feelings about that session.

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