Can my school run Zippy's Friends?

Zippy's Friends graduation party in Mauritius
Zippy’s Friends is not available to be bought ‘off the shelf’. Teacher training is a vital part of running Zippy’s Friends, and the programme is therefore only provided to teachers who have attended a Zippy’s Friends initial training course.

Typically, a partner organisation takes on the licence to run Zippy’s Friends in a given area. (In England this is usually a Local Education Authority or a cluster of schools.) The partner organisation appoints a coordinator to liaise with participating schools and to arrange training and support meetings for teachers. Partnership for Children provides the initial training course and, optionally, runs the first year’s support meetings. Thereafter most partners feel able to run and promote the programme in their area, and organise subsequent training courses for new teachers themselves.

If you are interested in introducing Zippy’s Friends into your area, it is best to enlist the commitment of a number of local schools, to make the training course viable. We welcome enquiries from clusters of schools, LEAs, and other agencies with links to schools.

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