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Many children who have Special Educational Needs (SEN) study in mainstream schools, and many thousands of them have already taken part in Zippy’s Friends classes. But often these children need extra help to get the most out of the programme.

We have produced an Inclusion Supplement, full of tips and ideas to help teachers in mainstream schools to include children with SEN. This is included as standard with every set of Zippy’s Friends materials. 

The Inclusion Supplement contains teaching aids to make the activities in the mainstream programme more concrete, visual or tactile. There are a variety or worksheets and activities to explain key concepts and help children to express themselves more fully.

Leela's Feeling Jealous

Problem and Solution worksheet

The supplement is designed to be used alongside the mainstream teaching materials, and provides extra ideas for most of the activities in the original programme – for whole classes, for small groups and for individual children.

Although these new resources have been developed for children with SEN, many teachers are finding them useful for the whole class as a way of extending and improving their Zippy’s Friends lessons.   

Making the programme more inclusive for children with SEN will also strengthen it for all.

For more information about Zippy’s Friends for children with SEN, please contact Partnership for Children:


Tel:    020 8974 6004

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I’ve looked through all the activities and would use every one of them!’ – Emotional Literacy Support Assistant


I’ve got one girl in the group who’s an elective mute – she never talked in school at all.  But in one of our Zippy sessions she said something, and then next thing I know her Mum came into school and said: “She’s talking at home too – I can’t shut her up! And I know it’s down to you and Zippy!”’ – Primary School Teacher

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