Quotes from Parents

What parents say about Zippy’s Friends

'Our son Mateusz used not to show his emotions and didn’t use to speak about them loudly. Now he does not have any problems dealing with his emotions. He has become more open. Moreover, saying the magic word “sorry” was very difficult for him, but now nothing stops him apologising.’ – Parent, Poland

'We as parents have improved our communication tremendously with our child and we feel good about it.’ – Parent, India

‘Seventy-two percent of parents noticed changes in their children’s behaviour that they linked with participation in the programme. Children communicated more freely, valued friends, appeared to be more thoughtful, attentive, friendly and sincere, and started understanding others.’ – Survey of Lithuanian parents

‘The programme has transformed our family life. All my children now listen properly to each other. I couldn’t believe it when I found out Zippy was just a stick insect!’ – Mother, Lithuania

'I loved the programme. I found it very interesting and we - the family - also learned a lot and apply our son’s lessons in our lives.’ – Parent, Brazil

'This has been a very useful addition to the PSHE curriculum and will have a gentle and subtle longer-term effect, I feel. It is a super way of opening up and helping little ones to deal with difficult social situations.' - Parent, UK

'One family now has 'Zippy time' after the evening meal when all family members express how they feel - even the father is starting to join in!' - Teacher, Southampton

'I appreciate this programme very much. After joining the programme, my daughter would discuss with me about her school life.’ – Parent, Hong Kong
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