How parents can help

Although Zippy’s Friends is taught by trained teachers, you can help to make the programme more effective for your child. Here are six suggestions.

  • Many teachers organise a meeting for parents before Zippy’s Friends starts. Go along, find out more about the programme and ask questions.
  • Ask for a timetable so that you know in advance when your child will be discussing particular topics. This will help you to reinforce the lessons at home.
  • Children often bring home pictures that they have drawn or the simple feedback sheets that they complete at the end of each session. Show interest and encourage your child to tell you about the day’s session.
  • Keep in touch with your child’s school. Do talk to your child’s teacher if you have family news that you want them to know about.
  • You may notice your child being less aggressive, more tolerant and better at solving problems. Encourage all positive changes.
  • Be prepared for your child to start talking more – and be prepared to listen!

Many thousands of children around the world have enjoyed and benefited from Zippy’s Friends. We hope your child will too.
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