Feelings activities

If children can name and recognise their feelings, this can help them to deal with them better. These activities are designed to help children to understand their feelings and start to think about ways to cope with difficult feelings.


  • Talk about your own feelings - make sure children know it’s ok to have “difficult” or uncomfortable feelings - what’s important is how you deal with them.
  • Encourage your child to talk about how they’re feeling - and really listen.
  • Choose a time when you’re alone with your child and have a bit of time together - sitting in the car or bus, or at bed time.
  • Help children with creative ways to express their emotions. Some children find it easier to draw, make something or act, rather than talk.
  • Always remember the golden rules for a good solution - It makes me feel better and it doesn’t hurt me or anyone else.


Click here to download the printable activities about feelings.

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