Children with Special Needs

Caroline Lifford at a Special Needs school

Children with learning difficulties are at much greater risk of developing mental health problems than other children.  Back in 2002, a national enquiry in England called for more resources to help schools promote the positive mental health of these pupils.  Yet, many years later, little has changed – there is still a lack of appropriate teaching materials.

Zippy’s Friends was originally designed to help children in mainstream classes to develop coping and social skills, but trials have shown that it can also be very effective for children who have Special Educational Needs (SEN), providing that the teaching materials are extensively adapted and expanded.  It is much more cost effective to adapt an existing programme than to develop resources from scratch.

So we are tackling the lack of resources for children with SEN by creating two adaptations of Zippy’s Friends – an Inclusion Supplement for children studying in mainstream schools and a Special Needs Supplement for those in special schools.  Both these adaptations are currently being tested in pilot schools in England, and the feedback from teachers has been very encouraging.  We are now seeking funding to finalise the resources and make them much more widely available, initially in England and then through our partners around the world.

This project has the potential to help very large numbers of children whose needs have been neglected for too long. Click on the links below to read more about these new resources.

For more information about Zippy’s Friends for children with SEN, please contact Partnership for Children:   

Tel: 020 8974 6004

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'Zippy’s Friends is often the first thing these children have succeeded in, after failing in their home, in school and with their friends.' – Pupil Referral Unit, Durham

'Due to the National Curriculum, we spend so long on Vikings and Tudors and I frequently wonder how useful these are for our pupils, whereas there are immediate benefits to understanding emotions.  Zippy’s Friends makes these topics a priority, and gives us a chance to focus on them.' – Special School Teacher

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