Apple's Friends - What teachers say

Apple’s Friends was first trialled in Brazil and showed very promising results. An independent evaluation of children who took part in it found that they showed ‘marked improvement’ in social skills, a ‘significant increase’ in positive coping strategies and a ‘significant reduction’ in negative strategies.

The programme was then comprehensively revised and piloted in England, Ireland, Lithuania and the Netherlands.  Initial feedback from teachers and parents has again been very positive.


Excellent session at helping pupils to understand that they sometimes say the wrong things when angry – they learn it is important to calm down and think.

– Teacher, Ireland

It’s going very well. The children enjoy the characters and can generally relate to the stories and themes involved.

– Teacher, England


Apple’s Friends has helped my son very much. Now he is more open in communication, finds friends more easily and thus is more willing to go to school. The programme has taught him to adapt to the life in the classroom, to accept and understand differences in children, and to address conflicts more flexibly or to simply avoid them.

– Parent, Lithuania

Such responses are encouraging, but the impact of Apple’s Friends needs to be independently assessed. A full professional evaluation has been conducted by the renowned Trimbos Institute in the Netherlands and you can read the results here (in Dutch).

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