Apple's Friends

Apple’s Friends is a 24-session programme which builds on what has been taught in Zippy’s Friends. It is suitable for children of seven to nine years old, and covers themes similar to those in Zippy’s Friends: feelings, communication, friendship, solving problems, changes, and moving forward. 

The activities in Apple’s Friends give children the chance to practise and develop effective coping and social skills. Once again, there are role-play, drawing and discussion activities and games, and stories featuring the same characters: Tig, Leela, Sandy, Jill and Tommy, this time with Apple the hamster. However, in Apple’s Friends sessions, children have to contribute more of their own ideas – particularly when it comes to the stories. These are unfinished, and the class decides how each story ends.

Six Home Activities enable parents and carers to reinforce at home what children learn in the classroom.  

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