Teaching Zippy's Friends

Teachers in the Czech Republic
The role of teachers in Zippy's Friends is critically important.

Teachers selected for the programme attend a training course. This explains the philosophy and theoretical basis of Zippy's Friends; the concept of coping and its implications for the well-being of children; how the programme is structured; and the rationale behind the various activities. Teachers become familiar with each of the six modules, and work through the various activities.


Support is provided to teachers when they start to teach the programme. They are encouraged to discuss each session with their colleagues, and can call the programme co-ordinators for advice and assistance. During the running of the programme, teachers from different schools come together, to share their experiences.


Although the main aim of Zippy’s Friends is to help children, many teachers say that it also helps them.

A survey of 309 teachers who had taught the programme in six countries showed that:

  • 78% agreed that their class now had a common language to discuss day to day problems
  • 80% agreed that the programme improved the atmosphere in their classroom
  • 95% agreed that it helped them to get to know the children better
  • 89% felt they had become better teachers
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