Complaints Procedure

We hope that nobody will ever feel the need to complain about the way in which we raise funds to help children around the world. However, if a complaint is received, we will follow a clear procedure. This is how it works.

Stage 1

A complaint can be made to us by email, post or telephone. We will acknowledge it in writing within 14 days. We will try to resolve the complaint as promptly and amicably as possible. The Director will investigate the complaint, in consultation with the Chair of Trustees. We will advise the complainant of the outcome of this investigation within 30 days. If the complainant is still dissatisfied, s/he will have two months from the date of our response to refer the complaint to the Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB), and we will tell her/him how to do that.

Stage 2

The FRSB will only investigate a complaint after we have conducted an internal investigation. The Board will contact us for information, and its staff will conduct their own investigation. We will cooperate with them fully. The FRSB will try to resolve the matter with all parties within 30 days. If the complainant is still not satisfied, s/he can seek adjudication by the FRSB Board, which will report its conclusion within 60 days.

Stage 3

The FRSB has the discretion to specify that no further action is appropriate, or to censure us and prescribe sanctions. These sanctions could include ordering us to apologise to the complainant or to improve our procedures or training. The FRSB could order us to stop using the fundraising method or conduct which was the subject of the complaint, and/or to withdraw, change or reprint any fundraising materials that were the subject of the complaint. We accept the authority of the FRSB to make a final adjudication. If we were to persist with an unacceptable practice or fail to take remedial action prescribed by the FRSB, our membership of the self-regulation scheme would be withdrawn.

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