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Good Books for Tough Times 5-8 - CHANGE - new baby










There's a House Inside My Mummy

Author Giles Andreae
Illustrator Vanessa Cabban
Reading age 6+
Interest level 2-7

Review This is just the book to explain to inquisitive children what is going on inside mum during pregnancy.

Through a rhyming text, a toddler explains why his mum's tummy is getting so big, and what he expects to happen.

Soft, colourful pictures, full of domestic detail, contribute to the book's humorous approach, but also allow for discussion in greater depth, if desired.

Publisher Orchard Books
Published 2002
ISBN 9781841210681

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My Mum's Going to Explode!

Author Jeremy Strong
Illustrator Nick Sharratt
Reading age 8+
Interest level 7-10

Review Nicholas is shocked when his mum announces she is pregnant. However, with the aid of Imelda (a one-legged, half-bald doll) and encouragement from Granny and her Hell's Angel husband, Nicholas and his father begin to prepare for the new arrival.

With short chapters and humorous line drawings throughout, this highly amusing tale is ideal for early readers.

Publisher Puffin
Published 2007
ISBN 9780141322360

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CHANGE - starting school











I am Too Absolutely Small for School

Author Lauren Child
Illustrator Lauren Child
Reading age 6+
Interest level 3-7

Review Lola is nearly big enough to go to school. But in her opinion she is still really quite small, and has far too many important things to keep her extremely busy at home.

Lola's older brother Charlie tries to put his sister's mind at rest that school will be friendly and fun. And when she tries it, she finds - of course - that he is right.

This book is completely child-centred, from its subject matter to its illustrations, and will provide welcome reassurance for any children who are uncertain about this big step.

Publisher Orchard Books
Published 2004
ISBN 9781846168857

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When an Elephant Comes to School

Author Jan Ormerod
Illustrator Jan Ormerod
Reading age 4+
Interest level 3-6

Review The first day at school can be as worrying for an elephant as it is for any child! Will they make any friends? What will they do all day? Will there be anything to eat? And what happens if they need the toilet ...?

This potentially anxiety-inducing topic is explored with both humour and reassurance with a clear, repetitive layout, detailed, humorous illustrations and gentle colour tones. This elephant will strike a chord with any school first-timer, personifying as it does their own anxieties - and hopefully allaying them.

Publisher Frances Lincoln Children's Books
Published 2005
ISBN 9781845074319

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CHANGE - growing up












Maybe One Day

Author Frances Thomas
Illustrator Ross Collins
Reading age 6+
Interest level 4-8

Review Little Monster investigates the exciting explorations he would ‘maybe' like to make when he's just a little bit older and ready to leave his parents.

With each suggestion, Father Monster voices some of Little Monster's own fears, but Little Monster gives rational responses to each, thereby enabling him (and the readers) to face and resolve these fears about growing up.

The brightly coloured pictures, while definitely extra-terrestrial, are filled with reassuring domestic detail.

Publisher Bloomsbury Children's Books
Published 2002
ISBN 9780747555698

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CHANGE - family break-up










Two of Everything

Author Babette Cole
Illustrator Babette Cole
Reading age 6+
Interest level 5-8

Review This quirky picture book follows the misfortunes of Demetrius and Paula Oglebutt who have problem parents.

The two children decide to take action and have the inspirational idea of organising an ‘un-wedding'.

An extremely original, effective and comical approach to the difficult subject of divorce.

Publisher Red Fox
Published 2000
ISBN 9780099220626

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Dinosaurs Divorce

Authors Laurene Krasny Brown and Marc Brown
Illustrators Marc Brown and Laurene Krasny Brown
Reading age 4+
Interest level 4+

Review This is not a story, but a book of practical information explaining why parents divorce, what children might feel about it and what might happen afterwards.

Illustrated with dinosaur characters, it has lots of reassuring, non-judgmental advice for children whose parents are splitting up and who may have to adapt to new family arrangements.

Publisher Little, Brown
Published 1993
ISBN 9780316109963

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Amazing Grace

Author Mary Hoffman
Illustrator Caroline Binch
Reading age 7+
Interest level 5-8

Review This best-selling book has a great message for all children - you can be whatever you want, if you try. Grace is desperate to play Peter Pan in the school play, but she's told she can't because she's a girl, and because she's black. Fortunately, although her father is absent, Grace has a supportive mum and a wise Nana, who encourage her to go for her goals after all.

The astonishing illustrations complement an appealing and inspiring story. This book is also available in a number of dual-language editions: English-Urdu, English-Punjabi, English-Gujarati and English-Bengali.

Publisher Frances Lincoln Children's Books
Published 2007
ISBN 9781845077495

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Grace and Family

Author Mary Hoffman
Illustrator Caroline Binch
Reading age 8+
Interest level 5+

Review In this sequel to ‘Amazing Grace', Grace is invited by her father to visit him in Africa.

Grace's journey to The Gambia, and her attempts to come to terms with a newfound relationship with her father, a different culture and a large extended family, are sensitively and realistically portrayed.

Once again, the story is illustrated with stunning paintings by Caroline Binch.

Publisher Frances Lincoln Children's Books
Published 2007
ISBN 9781845078065

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The Suitcase Kid

Author Jacqueline Wilson
Illustrator Nick Sharratt
Reading age 8+
Interest level 7-12

Review Distraught at her parents' divorce, Andy cannot decide who she wants to live with. She spends one week at Mum's house, the next at Dad's, but never really feels that she belongs anywhere.

This difficult situation, which is worsened by animosity between Andy and her new stepfamilies, has no simple solution.

Approached with humour and understanding, this is a very readable tale of confusion, guilt and ultimately optimism, with which many children (and adults) will identify.

Publisher Corgi Yearling
Published 2006
ISBN 9780440867739

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