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Here is a representative selection of the comments we have received so far.

This is exactly what is needed in libraries. It is up to date, appropriate and gives excellent summaries of the books. Library staff often find it difficult to track down titles that cover subjects like these, because the library catalogue does not lend itself to the kind of searching that is necessary, so this would be a very useful tool for them. – Librarian, Macclesfield

I often have parents/carers asking me for books like these. It would be great if each children’s library had a small stock of these booklets to hand out to parents or to use when referring them to these books. – Librarian, London SW18

We have a large collection of “helping books” to assist families with difficult situations but there were titles here that we had missed. A lovely production, with reading and interest level indications making it very useful and user friendly.Librarian, Luton

Thank you so much for this little book. I am often asked for books about the death of a pet and such things, and always struggle to find something suitable. Now I know exactly what to look for. Well Done! – Librarian, Aberdeenshire

Parents (and some library staff!) could benefit hugely from some of the suggestions the booklet offers. I feel it also highlights the fact that there is a demand for these types of books and more should be done (like this brochure) to raise their profile.  Parents have always appreciated recommendations for good quality stock that deal with difficult issues as a means of introducing ideas and instigating conversation with their children. Librarian, Lewisham

I have shared the book with the Primary Heads National Steering Group. They felt that it is a tremendous and supportive tool to schools and families and would be pleased to promote it in any way possible. – Richard Hunter, Specialist Schools and Academies Trust

I have given one of the copies to our Librarian and asked them to order whatever we don’t have.Head Teacher, Middlesex

I think that the 'Good Books for Tough Times' is brilliant - it is so useful to have a ready reference for whatever difficult circumstances one might come across. I have given it to my PSHE Co-ordinator with a plea to buy every book mentioned (funds permitting!)’ – Year 2 teacherSurrey

We think your booklet would prove to be a valuable resource for emotional literacy work and to recommend to parents as a way of approaching difficult subjects with children through sharing a book.  Let's face it - you can say many things through the words of a book!   We shall be recommending that we buy some more of the books listed in your leaflet for our library and emotional literacy resources. – Emotional Literacy Support Assistant, Southampton

It’s a brilliant idea, very useful for staff in knowing what book to buy for further use.  Nice to see books in groups, making it easier to know what book covers what ‘subjects’.  Very useful tool for new staff. – Teaching Assistant, Southwark, London

Very informative, easy to read and precise.  Set out in colour sections, so you can easily find what you’re looking for.  This is a good and sensitive guide for modern family life.Parent

Excellent – this has come just at the right time as I was about to put a collection of books together.  Clear, precise, and I like the quality paper – it makes it feel like a real book to keep. – Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Excellent for knowing where to look for specific books e.g. on divorce, pregnancy.  Also with the age groups identified but also ‘interest level’.  Foreword by Jacqueline Wilson is v. useful for engaging interest. – Educational Psychologist

Thank you so much for sending me this delightful booklet. For a moment I was tempted to rush out and kidnap a few small children just to have the excuse to buy some of them (then sanity took over again). But I do know folk with small children and will be recommending this to them. Reading all the reviews had me in tears! – Children’s Illustrator

I think the book's very well produced, the selection excellent and informative. It's a great idea – as useful as the books it recommends.  I'm very proud to be included among the many brilliant books chosen. Nicholas Allan, Children’s author

Thank you for this, a really useful resource, especially the section on bereavement and loss.  It is clear and well laid out and I look forward to being able to recommend it to the schools in my parish. – Vicar, Surrey

That someone has taken the trouble to compile this collection shows real insight into the needs of disturbed children.  Many will always be grateful to you and the authors of these books for the hard work that has gone into helping troubled children, parents and many others through an anxious and worrying time.  It has made me feel that I must read them all!Grandmother and retired primary school teacher

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